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Thread: Red dot sight , need help

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    I decided to put red dot on my M4 and take the aimpoint Which I have on M4 and mount it on M2 so I was trying tasco red dot on my M4 and after shooting 5 shells the nob went out completely broken ..... plus I noticed the red dot dose not dim so I guess it's Chinese tasco, now I have to buy another red dot for the M4 I have 2 choices first the aimpoint same as I have on M2 which is the comp M4 Second eotech I don't know which model but I guess the one which takes 2 123 batteries
    So what do you suggest guys

    Eotech or Aimpoint???

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    How about the Burris FastFire series. I've always liked Burris optics

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    The only options in my country are either Aimpoint or Eotech those are available and by chance , it's not allowed to order anything for guns in my country so I have to be satisfied with what I found

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    Found trijicon RX34 reflex , how is it ?

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    Have read it has issues with reticle washout

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